How long will my order take?

At Proth scrunchies, we are a small team and each item is handmade individually made to order. Once your order is placed we have a window of 1-3 business days to make sure your order is dispatched.
We send our orders out 1st class by Royal mail.
We have had a couple items take little longer to arrive due to COVID-19 but it is out of control once items have been shipped. We recommend 1-5 business days for your items to arrive once been dispatched.

How do I care for my scrunchies?

- Some materials are very fragile so please be deicate with your scrunchie.
- Scrunchie are an accessory so support your hair with a hair tie first.
- To much harsh streshing and pulling your scrunchie can cause rips and damage
- Due to scrunchies being all handmade by myself to give them tht personal touch, please bare in mind that they are not industrial machine made which can result in slight vatiations in scrunchie quality. All are checked thoroughly befre shipping.
- Proth Scrunchies are not washing machine compatible.

Do you accent changes and refunds?

Unfortunately we do not accept exchanges or refunds due to hygiene reasons and each scrunchie is made to order.


But if there is an issue with your item upon arrival let us know within 1 day to ensure the issue is resolved.
* We will ask for photo evidence if necessary